Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Third day of First Wonderful School Week

I remembered when somebody said " If you want to know and honor your country, started from your country's history." For some reasons I agree. The third day of my school was about "Christianity Through The Ages". It was really cool, even i couldn't think how The truth of Christianity can be proved simply powerful by BIBLE. As i am reading The Old Testament, a bit understanding help me to get in that hard subject. I like History certainly, but according to Speaker who He is very expert in his field I think I'll have some difficulties, and in addition now I must understand in English. His name is Stuart Bonnington, He is from Britain with little Ausie accent.
We're also asked to choose one topic for Tutorial Presentation within 10 minutes. BIG EFFORT!!!!

I have one classmate that she's not Christian. She is from India and Hinduist. It's tough subject for her, and I'll have the same feeling if i was in that situation. She just planned to learn about the other religion, but now She is getting Her faith is acknowledged by us as Christian is wrong. But I'm blessed to have her in my school. I pray to GOD will touch her heart. Another Classmate, He is from Germany and very enthusiastic with bunch questions to Stuart, that sometimes made me wondering. He is analytical type. Overall the subject is very interesting for me! Lovely!!

I like the idea how to choose something from the speaker. We're better to pick up one thing that we don't know before, cause it will enrich our knowledge and challenge our mind set building. So I hope for the next 14 weeks we'll have so much new things to give me better perspective about Christianity.

Well done for the first week,..ready to the next. Blessed Your Name GOD!

Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Second day of my school

I had wrongly seeing the time table for Chapel today, that it should be 12.40 am, but i thought it was 11.40, so I came at 12.10 am..aha!! It was silly thing, cause i was bit lazy to check it out. At least I had a little time to breathe and have my lunch. The Chapel was good, the preacher she is Indonesian with a lovely accent can be understood mostly with us as Asian. She shared "JESUS SUFFICIENT". Very deep message, and ended by song "STILL" Hill Songs. After that we had lunch together with certain Australian Food. I just ate a piece of cake a friend brought it. Talking is a effective way to build relationship with new people, and for me it's a need! Then, i went to class 1 for "Counselling Children" with the same speaker as Chapel. I knew her before, and it was big supraised about her, She is a leader of Kid Ministry. She teached and talked very clear also communicative. Honestly I really enjoyed it, and added I like this subject as I am doing also Kid Ministry in my church now. I want to share some ideas about WHY CHILDREN?
1. God loves children (Matt 18:6)
2. Children are humble (Teachable) Matt 18:4
3. Somebody's future largely depends on his/her childhood life
4. Children can change the future!

Thus, Counselling Children is IMPORTANT!

I felt exhausted when going home, cause the long way to go out and in, I still need to get adjustment of it. Ready going to sleep now, cause tomorrow I'll have class in the early morning as Tuesday.
Thanks again GOD for being health and learner for everything in here!

Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

My first day in Bible College Perth

Yesterday it was my first day in Bible College. I'd never thought that oneday i will be here to study bible.! It is an amazing thing! I came one hour early, because the time table for the bus is not fit with the class. So many new things i got, such as new friends, class, etc and I had three sessions. My first session started by introduction of New Testament, the speaker's name is Dawson Elliot and He is also the principal of Grace Community College. I can't believe how it's simple to tell to nonbelievers about The Gospel..the second session was about study skill by Jenifer, She is nice teacher I think, and I had been taught by how to make some book report..The last session was ended by discussing about Christianity..
Tiredness didn't give any influence at all, I enjoyed every minute in there.
Thanks GOD to let me have this wonderful moment!

Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

Old dream to be come true...

Don't ever give up to have a dream in your life..!!
Because when you get it into real, you can feel how it's really excited..

I never knew that my dream when i was junior high school to have a lot of friends from other countries and going to Aussie becoming real now..!
It's almost already 20 years ago...!!
But with a very special goal, not just making friendships but doing school..it's wonderful yeahhh!

GOD will fulfill our dream according to HIS PURPOSE, so make sure your dream are in the same HIS heart..!!

Now i'm at Perth since 2nd October 2009 for mission school at YWAM Perth. He helped me so much since i decided going to come..Even if i can describe in detail, i'm afraid i'll miss one of HIS HELPS..
I'm learning how to live together with different people and also different cultures..
I come from Asia, and many friends come from western..but it is challenging me to struggle in that particular situation..I'll almost give up, but i have a beatiful family and friends that pray for me..( thanks guys).
One month will be passed, and a new month - November is coming soon..I hope it will be more exciting and interesting to live for the next 3 months here.

Dream will make you feel real life in your life..!!

Minggu, 05 April 2009


It's not easy to be a good person..i agree, but it's really hard to be the best person..
Everyone has own dream, to be a docter, engineer, writer, actor, or else that can be achieved in short terms..How about to be fail in your life???

Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

The continuity of teaching Pedongkelan

Again, and again I say thanksgiving to THE LORD who has the ministry..
For the second teaching that i did on 15 Feb'09 ago, just alone. It was hardest time when i had to go to Pedongkelan, and added with rain. But GOD is in us, so i felt happy when teaching them (Tina, Wiwin and friend).
We ended that teaching time with making photo, and sharing about the simple way to understand English..well - they are so interested in it..
And this Sunday, i'll do again with AES's team and many friends..horey.horey..TO GOD BE THE GLORY.!!

Selasa, 03 Februari 2009


Finally, after canceling for two times we can start the teaching on 18 Jan'09.
1 day before that I came to visit cause the flooding. The youth of GKPM Pulomas and me brougth a few medicines, and talked to some families about the situation when the flooding came..
Many kids got sick such Influenza, Cough, Diare, etc..You know, the worse they didn't have enought money to bring their kids to see the docter..They said " usually there is one of organization gives the free treatment/medicines after flooding but at the time only one party offered them by dealing if the people of Pedongkelan will choose them in the election this year.

How is awfully, when someone need help they should pay alot..

In the first teaching 2009, I had good time with the students..
Honestly, I always use mathematic logical to understand any new things.
And thanks to GOD, it works until now and i share with the children by formula.
At the end of lesson, I gave homework to make an interesting formula to make +/-/? sentences in Present Tense.

Thanks a lot for ROMA that accompanied me for starting this..
You know, the people ask us to pray and we have plan to pray walking for next teaching..

Glorify to THE LORD that has THIS SERVICE.